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Yoga is a big part of Camp Poe. We believe in the promotion of health, vitality and mindfulness.

We run a full weekly program in our yoga shala set amongst luscious jungle and resident monkeys. Classes vary from Quantum, Aqua, Vinyasa, Yin to SUP River Yoga (see the timetable below). We also run workshops including yoga for surfers and Kirtan chanting. 1-to-1 yoga session can be booked with any of our experienced teachers, so you can really develop your practice.

Camp Poe harbours a collection of yoga and meditation books for you to borrow during your stay.

Drop in classes are available for outside guests. Contact us at or contact Ben on +(94) 763736217
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Quantum Yoga is a method of personal practice optimization that considers the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, The theoretical obsrevations of Quantum reality with the philosophy and practice of yoga.

Ayuveda recognises that we each have an individual Prakriti (natural constitution). This is made up of three doshas (body mind constitutions);
Pitta - elementally described as fire and heat in the body and an assertive mind
Vata - elementally described as air an movement in the mind and body
Kapha - elementally described as earth / water and the physicality on the human form

In order to return ourselves to an optimum state of balance, Quantum Yoga focuses on either cooling and soothing to regulate Pitta, grounding and strengthening to regulate Vata or invigorating and energising to regulate Kapha.

As quantum science has proven, anything practised with more awareness brings about greater transformative potential!

Joe Jordan is the creator of Coloured Sound, an organisation that uses the combination of music, art and technology to provide healing experiences. Joe currently travels through Sri Lanka providing live Handpan performances to enhance yoga and meditation practices. Originating in Switzerland, the Handpan is a steel drum which creates a calming soundtrack perfectly suited for yoga and meditation. With 16 years exploration as a drummer, a passion to create healing experiences and a dream to teach others, Joe now uses his Handpan to create Sacred Vibrations.

You can check out Joe's latest album here

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In her Vinyasa flow style classes Jess encourages students to get in touch with and start to understand their bodies own intuitive and primordial wisdom. Through expressive movement and static grounding postures we can allow free flow of energy through all of our being translating to balance and health in our physical mental and emotional bodies.

Yin classes offer a chance for deeper work. Working into deeper muscle layers through longer held postures that target areas of emotional tension in the body. This allows us to release deeper held physical tension and the emotional trauma that creates it; this trauma patterns our behaviour and holds us back from knowing who and what we truely are. Beings of love, light, eternal beauty and infinite wisdom. Yin is a introspective practice, giving us time and space to access our own healing journey.

Yoga nidra is a bridge to our higher consciousness. The practice helps us concentrate the focus of the mind through guided meditation. Inducing a deep sleep state in the brain whilst fully conscious aids in the physical healing of the body and help us start to control our monkey minds and develop self-awareness. You will be guided from the most physical layer of the body to a place of stillness and silence that always exists within. A place you can learn to access and live from authentically always.

Raja (physical) yoga brought Jessica to the path of the Yogi but Bhakti (love) yoga has deepened her connection. Working with mantra and song has allowed her to express and embody her own divinity in a new way and to give thanks and pray for this path and healing for all our relations. She shares this through kirtan or singing circles, mantra workshops and sound healings.

She loves to offer circle work, singing circles, womens circles, cacao ceremonies and kambo circles to help us integrate the individual work we are all doing and to inspire each other on the journey. .

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